APPLICATION DEADLINE: 10th February 2023, 23:59


17th February 2023, 23:59


OSLO (18th / 19th / 20th March) …or… VERDAL (16th April)


VERDAL (17th to 20th April, 2023)


International students are welcome to apply for our education. We offer a 3-year, full-time qualification in:

BA Acting & Artistic Production

The education is a practical training in the art of acting and devising with an emphasis on the relationship between the body, movement, space and play. The teaching is primarily structured around the pedagogy of Jacques Lecoq and is complimented with additional skills in music, singing, voice, text, and film.

All candidates must complete the online application (søknadsweb) and fulfil the audition process before the offer of a study place will be considered. All Tuition fees are covered by the Norwegian Government for students of European nationality. Living costs are not covered.

Proof of competency in the Norwegian language is currently a requirement for applicants of foreign citizenship from outside of Scandinavia. Applications from Scandinavian countries outside of Norway must be fluent in either Swedish or Danish. Classes are conducted in both Norwegian and English.
NB: Applications for the 2024 academic year will no longer require proof of language skills to attend our education, although a practical understanding of Norwegian is recommended.



First, you must submit an application for a place of study on the official University application program. In this application, we ask that you upload 2 pdf documents consisting of a CV and a letter of motivation. Here are the guidelines for the required documents:

1. CV with 2 photos (1 headshot and 1 full figure)
2. Letter of motivation – please provide an answer to the following questions:
• Why are you interested in becoming an Actor?
• Why do you want to study at NORD Dramatic Arts?
• What goals/ambitions do you have for after such education?
• Where do you wish to attend the 2nd stage Auditions: Oslo or Verdal?
* (include your full name in the title of each document file.)

Apply here: SØKNADSWEB


Once you have submitted your application via the link provided above, you will then go through a series of auditions lead by our team of teachers. The audition process consists of 3 separate stages:

1. DIGITAL AUDITION (pre-recorded films)
2. GROUP AUDITION (half a day in either Oslo or Verdal)
3. WORKSHOP AUDITION (4 day workshop at our campus in Levanger/Verdal)

You will be reviewed by our team after each audition before going further in the process. If you are invited to continue, you will have to complete all 3 audition stages before an offer to attend our study program will be considered. All successful candidates will be informed via post/email with an offer to start studies in the new academic year.

Required documentation:

1. 2 contrasting monologues
2. short introduction
3. copy of the texts
4. CV & letter of motivation

Prepare 2 contrasting monologues that show us the range and quality of your acting abilities. The monologues can be in any style you wish and in any language of your choice. Make a film of yourself performing each monologue without any editing, or change of camera angle. We are reviewing the nature of your performing and not your camera technique or filming ability. Introduce each monologue to the camera before transitioning into performing your speech, without stopping the camera. We want to see how you transform into your character. It is perfectly fine to use a smartphone, or DSLR camera if you have equipment available. Please film yourself in good lighting, with a clean background, and without any distractions in the image or sound. We want to see and hear you as clearly as possible.

In addition to the monologues, we would also like you to record a simple, short introduction about yourself. You can talk directly into the camera as though you are talking to us. Keep it short and simple, like having a conversation and share the following information with us:
• Your full name, age, and where you come from.
• Why you want to be an actor …or… Why you want to come to our school?

You will be provided with a link to upload your files before the Digital Audition deadline. Please label each file using the following format:
[last name]-[first name]-[info].mp4
In the [info] part, you can type either “film1“, “film2“, or “intro“.
For example: ibsen-henrik-film1.mp4

Please include a copy of the texts in PDF–format: [last name]-[first name]-texts.pdf
For eksempel: ibsen-henrik-texts.pdf

Files can be uploaded using a google-drive link sent to you from the following email:
The link will be sent out before the digital audition deadline. If you haven’t received the link before this date, check your email junk folder. If you still cannot find it, you can make contact with our study program leader, Jason Turner:


For enquiries regarding the audition process:
Michael Sharman (Theatre Teacher)


For administrative enquiries regarding enrollment and søknadsweb:
Katrine Bruvold (Student Advisor)
Tel: (+47)74022629