Jos Houben

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Jos is a celebrated actor, writer, director, teacher, and a leading expert in the art of physical comedy. He was an original member of Complicité, with whom he co-created and performed the production, ‘A Minute Too Late’, which in 1985 transformed the theatrical landscape in the United Kingdom. During the mid nineties he wrote for and directed the absurd cult-comedy shows of the ‘The Right Size’ (Two Laurence Olivier Awards: Best Entertainment, 1999 and Best New Comedy, 2002) and ended up playing on Broadway and London’s West End. He is an actor in a compilation of short Samuel Beckett pieces, ‘Fragments’, directed by Peter Brook. Since 2003 her travels all over the world with his celebrated one-man show/masterclass, ‘The Art Of Laughter’, which he performed at our school in May 2022. He has been teaching at the Jacques Lecoq School in Paris since 2000 and is a regular visiting teacher at our school.