Line Verndal

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Line is an award winning actor, TV-host and pedagog based in Oslo. She has worked on many theatre production, but is mostly known for her appearances on film and TV. In 2011 she won the «Amanda» award for best actress in a leading role for the film «Limbo» and has been nominated for the «Gullruten» three years in a row for the lead role of Marit in the NRK series «Himmelblå». She has also been the main host in TV-programs like «Lines gode helpere» and three seasons of «Hele Norge Baker». In later years, she been to see in the tv series «Aber, Bergen», «Nissene på låven», «Nissen over skog og hei», and «Nissene I bingen», the Netflix series «Ragnarok», «Hjem til jul» and «Julestorm», the feature film «Jentetur» and the swedish film on Viaplay called «Täck for senast». She also has a podcast show «Line snakker med noen»